Hospitality Revenue Management

HCMS manages all facets of Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing to include thorough, tactical and strategic audits of revenue generating systems. The purpose of these audits is to determine the realities in these areas and to provide proactive solutions and align strategies with these opportunities that allow the hotel to improve in revenue generation.

Our revenue partnership includes training and assessments of TPI, FIT, Wholesale and Business Channel Analysis to include historical data on ADR, REVPAR, room nights and revenue.

We also recommend rate strategies in the various market segments and conduct weekly revenue management meetings to capitalize on revenue opportunities.

Hotel Revenue Optimization

HCMS has followed the evolution from traditional yield management towards comprehensive revenue management, including demand generators, optimized usage of the hotel website, TPI (Third Party Internet) sites and the optimization of the channel management and  booking engine. Our Revenue strategy would begin by conducting a channel and market segment audit, by occupancy, ADR and REVPAR, then recommend rate strategies for all.

Our Sales Department would work to discover hidden market segment opportunities via prospecting efforts, after completing a sales audit of existing efforts. Our Sales Director would then train, motivate and direct the hotel sales team to associations, organizations, groups, tour operators and local and national corporations.

Our Marketing Department would work with the client’s website designer to update content and optimize organic search results (SEO), propose pay per click campaigns and relevant media buys, in print and on-line media.

Our PR partner would work out a tailor-made PR campaign with the focus on journalist’s visits, brand association, closed user groups and PR happenings and events at the hotel.

In our area of activity, we also develop customized strategies to hotel investment, focused on the objectives and targets of the investor.

Strategy works as a way of guidance to identify opportunities and define practices that may result in the combination of the increased potential of the operation, replacement market, financing and reimplementation of existing units.  

Top Line Revenue analyses & Management

HCMS management conducts a thorough, comprehensive market analysis, which includes:

Comp set analysis, local and national account production at hotel and comp set, standard geographical classification of companies in the area, feeder cities & countries.

Analyze industry Reports – comp set, all indices, to determine trends and opportunities.

Set benchmark rates for one year out – Establish high and low seasons, compression dates, holidays, and adjust rates accordingly.

Analyze existing revenue channels, and create strategies to optimize revenue from:  Property/ walk-ins, Sales, Internet.

Analyze revenue from existing market segments, and create strategies to optimize revenue from: Hotel website, Third Party Internet, Corporate, Government, Leisure, Negotiated Corporate and National Accounts, FIT/ Wholesale, MICE

Rev Max – HCMS Management conducts comprehensive weekly meetings to review pick up week over week, demand generators, sales impact and efforts, and to discuss and revise strategies, and change benchmark rates and discount to impact demand.

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