Project Interim Management

A project is a phased and structured performance of set related activities with the goal to achieve a specific result, wherefore multidisciplinary cooperation is needed.

A project is a temporary method of working together and a suitable working method must be sought for each project. If specific necessary expertise should temporarily be added to the project and other people who usually participate in other work processes are brought in full or part-time.

Project interim management makes up a large part of interim management services, given:

• the temporary character of projects

• the need for exceptional expertise in projects

For a project to function in a targeted and productive way, the following four project management processes can be recognised as determinative.

• the project organisation

This includes compiling the project organisation of client (and sponsor), project director/manager (end responsible), the various team members with their specific role and a delegate of the users to represent their interests. Naturally, the appointment will be accompanied by the assignment of tasks and powers.

• the interaction

This is about enabling the project team to work together effectively. This requires managerial skills of the project leader, pure team roles, a good team formation process, the willingness of those involved to deal constructively with conflicts (priorities and distribution of scarce resources often results in an internal struggle).

• the environment/stakeholders

In order for a project to succeed, support is needed from those involved. Support from people such as users, chefs, suppliers, financiers, residents, customers, etc. The input of what is conceived and created in a project must be supported, accepted and used by others than the project organisation. In recent years there has been increasing attention for the timely, active and focused involvement of all those stakeholders (strategic environmental management).

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